CONSUMER REVIEW: Logitech Z906 Speakers

I love getting new gadgets to test out. I'm by no means a technical guru, simply a pro-consumer that devours electronic toys!

My latest quest was to find some decent speakers for my home studio. No, I'm not a musician (you definitely don't want to hear me sing), but I am a voice artist and do a lot of recordings at home. I was looking for an affordable speaker option that would still provide the quality and clarity of sound needed when I play back and edit voice tracks in my office.

The usual run-of-the-mill computer speakers, whilst good enough for general use and even gaming, are generally a little under powered for my professional needs, so Logitech dropped off a set of speakers they thought might do the trick: the Z906 5.1 Surround Sound System. Logitech Z906
Just looking at them you can see this system packs a punch. A 1000 watts is a pretty decent number and the styling looks great. It only took a few moments to rig the system up and connect an audio source (a feed from my iPhone) to listen to the quality of sound... and I liked it. So much so, that the speakers didn't even land up in my office, they went straight into the lounge as a home theatre system. You see, this is the versatility of the Z906. Yes, you can use it on your computer (especially if you're big into gaming), but they are also great in the lounge. By the way, I know what you're saying! You would have thought that me, being a DJ, would have sorted out my home theatre sound the moment we moved into our new home a year ago. I guess though, I'm a bit like a chef who doesn't cook at home. The intention was always there, but I just hadn't got around to doing anything about it. That is, until I got my hands on the Z906.

Logitech Z906

Logitech Z906

The Z906 accepts various inputs in the back of the subwoofer (from mini-jack and RCA to digital coaxial and optical). Surprisingly though, no HDMI port.

I connected my 55 inch TV to it via an optical cable, and straight out the box it decoded the correct signal and played it out. Part of the ease is that it has an intelligent controller with a logical user interface to change various speaker configurations.

Logitech Z906
Well done Logitech, the speakers connect using normal speaker wire (unlike some other models in the past that use a proprietary Logitech connector, making it difficult  if you want to extend the cable). The system also comes with an infra-red remote control. I programmed my Apple TV to take control of the system's volume, so I only use the Logitech remote to switch the system on (it automatically powers down after a few hours and you need to manually switch it back on).

At the time of writing this blog, the Z906 was priced at R3699 at Makro, R3999 on BidorBuy,  and R4699 on Takealot. Whilst these prices may fluctuate, the bottom line is, you are getting really good quality digital sound at a very affordable price. The Z906 is well worth the consideration whether you want an immersive gaming experience on your computer, or you want to enhance the sound of the movies your watch on TV.

I'm not sure if Logitech were expecting me to put the Z906 back in the box after a few weeks of testing and return it, but it's in my lounge and not going anywhere! The search for a speaker system for my home studio continues :)

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