The hair raising morning at home

My two girls came into our room at about 5.30 this morning and instead of asking for their iPads, said they were off to go draw in Tayla-Jean's room.

Nicole and I, very grateful for a few more minutes in bed so we could wake up like normal human beings, waved them goodbye and wished them well on their journey down the passage.

A few minutes later Tayla-Jean popped into our bedroom again to show us how careful she is when walking with paper-cutting scissors (she's been taught to stretch out her arm and point the scissors to the ground as if she is pointing a stick at the floor). Semi-comatose Mum and Dad once again smiled from the bed and then continued nursing our cups of coffee.

Thats when things took a nefarious turn. After about 5 minutes of silence from the adjacent bedroom we heard laughter followed by the words: "Look Alyssa, I did it. I cut your hair"...


Whether Tayla-Jean had planned it all along, or she got a sudden spurt of creativity when she had the locks of her sister in her hand, she decided to make a masterpiece with them and got hard to work...


A few minutes later it was done, and quite well done I might add... a hair shoe:


To save Alyssa any embarrassment when she gets older and comes across this blog, I'm not including a picture of my 2 year old with a bald spot on her head.
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