Who's your celebrity pass?

Who is that celebrity that, theoretically, your partner would allow you some time with?

For my wife, her celeb pass is Enrique (oh, the amount of times I've had to sing "Will you be my hero baby?").

Megan Fox was always my fav, but she got bumped off the top of the list after watching Safe Haven over the weekend with Julianne Hough. She was brilliant in the movie and quite the belter, which is saying something as I've never been into blondes. You have to watch the movie. It's in the iTunes store.

Staying with girls, Nicole was laughing at me this morning, because I was responsible for dressing Tayla-Jean:

Actually, for the record, I simply let her dress herself. And choose her own breakfast... peanut butter on a spoon.

My girls are getting used to TV cameras in the house these days. Yesterday we had a crew shooting a DVD for Cryo-Save. My one year old, Alyssa, walked around as if she was the director. Tayla-Jean, more than a little camera shy, spent 2 hours playing in her bedroom to escape the lens!

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