UPDATE: Day 4 and 2kg lost

So it's been 3 full days that I haven't had a single cheat... and that means not even a single glass of wine. My replacement (which is not quite the same)... green tea!


I had 3 cups last night so landed up peeing like a racehorse during Johannesburg's violent storm at around 12am.

Dinner was also healthy. While the girls were tucking into spaghetti bolognese (which I LOVE), I was going with the healthier option, grilled hake and salad:


The good news is, I am already down from 86.9kg to 84.7kg. Not bad results. I think I'll continue posting my lunches and dinners on the blog so it'll force me to not cheat. And, I have laryngitis and feeling shitty so haven't even been burning the calories at gym this week.

It'll be a little harder tonight though as my mate owns Churchill's in Melrose Arch and we are there for his Christmas party this evening. It's going to be difficult just drinking water and not having a glass of wine or champagne, but I do things all or nothing. There can be NO cheating. My goal is to get down to 82kg (losing a total of about 5kg) by the end of next week.

I hate doing things alone. Why don't you do the healthy thing with me? (For details about my eating regime, see previous blog).

By the way, on a different note, lots of people have been asking how to listen to Hot 91.9 if they are not n Jo'burg North. As of yesterday, Hot 91.9 is now on TUNEIN Radio, so you can either listen via or download the TuneIn app to your phone!

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No whining over no wine while I lose weight

Drastic measures are in force. It's the ESKOM equivalent of load shedding... except the shedding is around the waistline!

Look, I've never been fat, but let's face it. I'm now 45 years old and the body starts sagging in places. It's harder to stay in shape than it was in my 20s and 30s. And over the past few months I've been a little more lax with eating and slowly but surely have put on a few kilograms. I usually weigh about 83kg and topped the scales on Sunday at 86.9kg. Also, a big culprit has been the red wine every night. I can't just have ONE glass. I have to have three.

So on Monday morning I went into "lockdown" (and Nicole is doing it with me). No I am not banting, as that is low carbs and high fat. I simply can't do it because of my heart issues and am not willing to take a chance with long term side effects.

What I AM doing is just good sensible eating of low carbs and reduced fat. I'm not following a particular meal plan that dictates what to eat, but just eating strictly and sensibly. It's what I did 10 years ago, and it dramatically helped me do this in 12 weeks:


The key elements are simple:
  • Regular exercise 
  • Eating cleanly
And here's where I find it quite easy, my meal selection uses logic rather than prescribing exactly what to eat.

Having said that, just to make my life easier, my breakfast is the same each morning:
  • A small bowl of jungle oats (mixed with water and nothing else)
  • A couple of eggs whites (either boiled or made into pancake in the frying pan using some spray and cook).
Otherwise all my meals are simply clean meats (such as grilled chicken/fish etc) and lots of veggies (especially broccoli and cauliflower) or leafy salad. It's not as complicated as some people make it out to be.

The trick though to STICKING to an eating plan is to have something to snack on mid morning and mid afternoon. In my car each day I pack a small lunch box with boiled eggs (which smell like a thousand people simultaneously farting when you open it up) and some raw almonds. When feeling nibbly, just pop some of that in your mouth and you're sorted. The cheating comes in if you're feeling hungry and there is nothing to nibble on.

Even better, if you have lunch at a restaurant, split the meal in half, and have the second portion 2 to 3 hours later. You need to eat 5 to 6 times a day. Having one big meal a day is the worst thing you can do if you're trying to lose weight. Your body will hang on to what you eat like water in a camel's hump. You need to train your body not to store food by eating regular meals to up your metabolism.

Once again, this isn't some profound eating plan with a fancy name. It's just common sense. When eating at restaurant, stay away from the saucy dishes. Have a jacket potato instead of chips. When eating a salad, don't drizzle it full of dressing, just use some olive oil.

I might have a nutritionist reading this and saying I'm doing things wrong. I just know it has always worked for me. I don't lose body fat overnight, but it's a steady decline that is maintainable.

The hardest part will be saying no to the wine at night! I could have a glass if I wanted, but I tend to do things 100% otherwise it's hard to draw the line with how big the grey area really is.

I'm even putting it out there... this is what I look like now. I'll let you know if I lose those 3 kilos in the next week or two!


Go on, eat sensibly with me so I'm not alone!

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