Dads will do anything for their daughters

Being a Dad of 2 young girls, I count my blessing every day that they are healthy and happy. I have so much respect for those parents who have children with disabilities. This YouTube video had me in tears. It's about a young girl who has mitochondrial disease that prevents her from walking or talking, but that didn't stop her, with the help of her dad, entering a talent competition:

On a lighter note (and since I'm showing Youtube videos), I chew a lot of gum. If I get in the car, my hand reaches for the Airwaves before I even switch the engine on. In fact, the only time I don't chew gum in the car is if i'm approaching a roadblock at night (you chew gum, they think you're trying to mask the alcohol breath).

An interesting experiment has been done on peoples perceptions of gum-chewers, take a look:

No, I'm not chewing gum as I write this... it doesn't taste great while I drink coffee.
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