What we do for our kids

Tayla-Jean's birthday was last week. My baby girl turned 5 years old.

As a present for her (and her sister having a birthday in 2 months), we got rid of the jungle gym which they no longer play with and bought a wendy house. It's an amazing playroom with its own little porch. I hope they like it because it took up a quarter of my garden!


To go with it, my sister-in-law bought a "kitchen". What is it about furniture in a box? When things are assembled you think it looks quite simple to put together... until you have the very same item unassembled in a million pieces...


You've got to be in the right frame of mind to tackle something that has a thousand nuts and bolts, so last night I got stuck in and did it. Three hours, one bloodied thumb and 4 glasses of wine later, it was complete...


Two broken backs later, Nicole and I had manoeuvred it into through the hobbit sized wendy house door and it was in place...


Happy birthday to my baby girl. Enjoy playing in your wendy house (and now smaller garden).

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