The V snip done... easy peasy

For some guys, this is the much anticipated report back!

Right off the bat though, just to clarify when I said I was going for the snip, I meant vasectomy...  and not circumcision (it took me a while to figure out why some people on twitter were telling me to lay in salt water after the op).

Yesterday morning I was a little apprehensive on arriving at Morningside Clinic, but I think I was more anguished because, in preparation for the anaesthetic, I couldn't have my morning cup of coffee:


Fortunately, the kind Client Services team promised me a strong double espresso after the op so I calmed down, and started thinking about what was about to happen. Some dude was about to place his hand on my nut (yes, singular) and slice open the sac. That caused me to scream again:


Fortunately, and I think some guys really want to know this, they don't remove the ball. They simply snip and clip the pipe that transports the wigglies to the river of fluid. So when all is healed, you still have the fluid, just no swimmers. Your nut also still makes testosterone which enters your system via the blood stream (you don't fire your testosterone via your gun chamber anyway).

Layman's medical lesson over.  And I did have to lay down for a while after waking up:


All in all though I was in the hospital at 8am and on my feet and out by 11am:


It was such a small op that, in all honesty there is absolutely to be apprehensive about. Just make sure you remember the difference:
A urologist ties the tube
A vet chops off the nuts

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