From TV shoot back to yoghurt

I just got back from a TV trip to Swaziland where I was filming for a corporate internal communications show.

The best part of any shoot for me is not what happens on camera, but the fun we have when the cameras are not rolling. My crew and I always land up having a hoot of a time. Here we are at the airport getting ready to fly out of South Africa:


And here they are again looking back at a take, making sure I didn't fluff my lines!


I love Swaziland. The people are friendly. There's only one thing that gets me every time... the R100 CASH airport tax you have to have to pay at their kiosk before they'll let you go through customs to fly out of the country. No matter how many times the travel agent has told us the airport tax is included in the fare, we still get fleeced by the King every time. It's a pity, because that's one of your last experiences before you leave the country.

So from TV cameras back to frozen yoghurt!

This weekend Forest Hill City (the mall where  my store is located) is planning the first of 3 or 4 publicity activations to let the public know the mall is nearly finished. I say "nearly" because all the shops should have been completed by today, but some like Ocean Basket, Wimpy and Spur are still doing the last few bits of shop fitting.

If you're in the area and have young kids please pop past. This weekend is all about kids entertainment in the shopping centre. Not to mention the ice rink is now open. I last skated back in 1983 when Joan Armatrading's Drop the Pilot was charting on the radio. I'll be braving it in the next few days and getting my bum wet as I attempt it again!


Er, yes... if you look carefully, that IS someone being pushed around on a chair!

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