What the SABC and a toilet have in common

With the winter chill hitting Johannesburg hard today, it's one of those days when I wished I had hair. Incidentally, growing up in England, I used to have long locks...

It's also not the best weather to sell frozen yoghurt, as it's like trying to sell ice to eskimos! Come on summer!

So, back to the title of the blog. What do the SABC and a toilet have in common? I paid both this morning.

With much disdain I begrudgingly paid my TV licence. I'm not sure why, as the money will either go to funding another season of Miami Vice, or it will go towards the overpaid under qualified Chief Operations Officer Moetsoneng. Oh, what a good citizen I am.

My other purchase this morning was equally unglamorous... a new toilet seat:

Enough toilet humour. Time for me to get back to work. Have a great weekend!

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Tears and a building that needs a makeover

The great thing about being an MC is that for a few hours I get to dabble in the world of someone else's business. It's like being an actor and immersing yourself in a role for a short while. I've been exposed to almost every industry possible over the many years, but one of them that still touches me emotionally every time is the medical fraternity.

Yesterday I hosted the Netcare Hospitals' annual Gauteng Carer Awards, where they pay tribute to those staff members who went beyond the call of duty, and by doing so, touched someone'e life.

I won't go into individual stories here, suffice to say I got a little choked up on more than one occasion, reading the stories to the audience yesterday. I always have so much respect for those nurses and hospital staff that treat patients with care and consideration. Well done Netcare.

The event itself was held at a stunning venue in Houghton that I had never heard of before, called Shepherd's Garden:

Speaking of touching stories, here's a Youtube video I posted on my twitter feed yesterday. It's about a bride who can't dance with her Dad at her wedding as he died shortly before the event. It's received almost 7 million views so far. If you click on the video below, grab a tissue because you'll need it: