I still get star-struck when seeing "old school" celebs

Earlier today at the local Woolies, I walked past David Rees (who played Nick Naudé on Egoli).

We said hi to each other and walked on. Maybe he knew who I was, maybe he didn't. Either way, he was very polite and I had that groupie feeling of "
hey, an SA celeb just said hi to ME!".

You see, he's an example of an "old school" celeb that was on TV when I was still trying to crack the industry back in the late 80s and early 90s. I would watch these people and dream of being on TV just like them.

So when I saw David today, I was no longer a 20-year seasoned vet of the industry. I was once again the 20 year old geeky kid who would watch TV and dream.

David, if you somehow get to read this blog, just so you know, that simple hello made my day. It reminded me of how magical the television and radio industry is.

It reminded me that when a stranger builds up the courage to approach me and say hi, all it takes is a genuine smile and a bit of friendliness to make their day. If only life was always that simple.

It made me think back to my first ever encounter with SA celebs. It was an event called "Select your Star" in Brakpan back in 1987 and one of my roommates was involved in organising it. After drinking some wine, I plucked up the courage to approach Miss South Africa 1987 Wilma vd Bijl as well as Gavin vd Berg who played the lead in Ballade Vir 'n Enkeling.

27 years later, I still have their autographs:

To the old school celebs of SA television (sadly, many of which walk past unnoticed in the streets of today), this tribute is to you. Thank you for allowing the generation after you to have dreams and to follow in your footsteps.

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