My latest practical gadgets

Hi, as you may know I am a gadget nut. Not the useless things that land up in the cupboard after 3 days of use, but the practical gadgets that make my life a little easier. Here's what I bought this week:


At home we're always very aware of the dangers posed by swimming pools. The pool gate is always locked and the key placed in a jar which the kids can't reach. But it's always concerned me when the gardener pops into the "zone" to clean the pool or tend to the shrubs next to the pool. It doesn't help having a fence and gate if the gate is left open. So this week I got the Doberman Pool Gate Alarm:

They're very inexpensive (cost me R99 from Home Security Store in Sandton), but quite effective. It emits a 100dB alarm if the gate is open, forcing the gardner to close the gate VERY quickly.


Another gadget i've just bought from a site in the U.S. is a WiFi dongle called the AC Nano that, when plugged into my computer, replaces the existing WiFi card and enables my Mac to connect at 802.11ac speed. This is the new WiFi speed that is 3 times faster than the current "n" speed. Some new computers are coming out with the "ac" speed built in, but what about the rest of us that have perfectly good computers and don't want to replace the whole thing just to get a faster WiFi speed. The AC NANO dongle works like a charm and my Mac Mini now streams my videos to the Apple TVs without any more buffering. (by faster speeds, i'm referring to the speed of your internal WiFi network, and not your internet connection speed such as ADSL).

The device costs $59, and once you include shipping charges, it's just over R1000 to import from
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