REVIEW: My Smart Kid

As parents we all want our kids to have as many advantages as possible as they grow up so that one day when we're old and wrinkly we can rest in peace knowing that they're going to be okay.

Part of preparation for life includes making sure their brains are engaged now. My girls spend a lot of time on their iPads, but I also like them having the tactile experience of doing things with their hands, whether it be playing in the sand or building a puzzle.

So, I recently heard about MySmartKid and thought I would give it a bash and see if it's worthwhile. For a subscription of R325 every 2 months, they send you age appropriate material every 2 months in a delivery called the "smart box". The basic premise is your child learns as they play.

So with Alyssa as my guinea pig I signed her up and within a few days a courier dropped off the smart box.


It came with a "free" rucksack as a gift, which will probably land up in the back of a cupboard somewhere. It was the actual educational contents I was curious to evaluate.


My girls were certainly inquisitive...


It consisted of 3 puzzles which have an educational theme linked to Alyssa's age of developing relationships, social skills and self esteem. To Alyssa, they were just puzzles, but they quite cleverly incorporate subtle messages that reinforce the developmental milestones.

They was also some hand art and play dough (apparently develops fine motor skills).

All in all, I might have spent the same amount of money at a toy shop buying the pieces individually, but I kind of like the idea of understanding the psychology behind each game (there's a parenting guide to help explain why each item in the box was chosen).

MySmartKid has 2 ways of purchasing items. You can buy things individually online, or sign up as a member (R325 every 2 months) and receive a smart box every 2 months. Personally, I'm not a fan of subscriptions as they are notoriously a pain in the arse to cancel. These guys just need 30 days notice... after the first year. I'm not in favour of being in the contract for 12 months. I suppose if I really don't like it, I simply don't take the membership option and rather buy things on an adhoc basis from the site. (update: The 12 month clause is a condition only when purchasing through Legacy Lifestyle).


It's well worth checking out at

MySmartKid can also earn you LegacyLifestyle points or you can spend your Legacy rands to purchase the subscription. More details here:

Disclosure: Mark is a brand ambassador for Legacy Lifestyle, and as such, got asked to evaluate MySmartKid who are one of their partners. Opinions expressed in this blog are Mark's own.

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