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The stache is off and the tree is up

I spent the weekend at the Berg River in Paarl with 94.5KFM's Big Chill. Thanks to everyone that came and camped out for 2 nights to enjoy KFM's hospitality. I had a great time with listeners and also catching up with colleagues who I only get to see a few times a year because I do most of my shows from Johannesburg.

But ultimately I couldn't wait to get home, especially when Nicole sent me a photo of my daughter...

We always put up the Christmas tree early in December and this is the first year Tayla-Jean REALLY has got into the whole Santa vibe. She was in her element decorating our 2 metre high tree:

While the trees decorations went on the tree, we were also celebrating my Movember moustache coming off:

I feel a good decade younger again! Speaking of young, I'm back in Cape Town next weekend as I'm doing my show from the launch of 1D World at the V&A Waterfront. If you're not into One Direction (the group), you wouldn't know what it is, but it's the ultimate fan pop up store that will be attracting thousands of young groupies. It's going to be absolute chaos... and it's great that their record label wants my chart show, the KIA Take40SA, to officially open the month long event.
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Something fishy about my daughter

It's one of those moments where, for someone else it means nothing, but for me it means the world. My 3 year old daughter has taken to swimming like a fish in water and got her first swimming trophy yesterday... I'm a proud dad!

Whilst Tayla-Jean puts her swimming goggles on all the time, Alyssa (my 1 year old) has developed a shoe fetish and won't even go to sleep now unless she has chosen a pair of shoes to accompany her pyjamas. it also means mum and dad can no longer walk around the house barefoot, because she selects shoes from our cupboards and insists we wear them. Wearing formal Italian shoes with shorts has become the norm for me at home!

Despite what I wear, the biggest thing making me look like an idiot is STILL the moustache.

It's now Day 27 of Movember... the final home stretch. I get to shave it off on Saturday night! As the Movember ambassador I was a guest on e-TV's Sunrise this morning chatting about the campaign and mens health in general.

Here's to the final days of the campaign. And then it's champagne.
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No, I'm not Dr Phil.

A common question I get asked is "what do I do when i'm not on air?". I specialise in corporate communications both on television and stage, and October/November is a particularly busy month of being on stage hosting corporate gala events. This weekend was no exception as I was the MC for the Hogan Technology Awards. This was my view of the 1200 people from the side of the stage:

After doing it for almost 20 years I still get a rush every time I go on stage. The only problem is, when I walk on stage at the moment, people think it's Dr Phil:

I can't wait for Movember to be over so I can shave this bloody thing off. When you look old, you feel old.... and right now I really feel like an frigging"old toppie". I always find it weird when people see my moustache and ask "Is it for Movember?". Seriously? That implies you think there's a chance I just grew it because I thought it was stylish? 

Anyway, I get to shave it off first thing Sunday morning. I'm sure a lot of guys will be feeling the same way and doing the same thing. I'll transform from Dr Phil back to myself while at 94.5Kfm's Bill Chill Weekend at Berg River this weekend. I haven't been camping since 1985, so it's going to be a fun experience doing it with a few hundred listeners in Paarl. I'll be hosting the KIA Take40sa from there and also deejaying at the Oconic 80s party later that night. 

The following Saturday (7 December) I'll be back in Cape Town broadcasting my show from a "certain store" at the V&A Waterfront. I'll be revealing more over the next couple of days, suffice to say it will be absolute chaos there, with literally thousands of people wanting to get in. :) 

For now, this is Dr Phil signing off. I have to go give people some couple therapy.

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Getting a roof over my head & a hairy upper lip

After almost 4 weeks of not having a roof over one of our bedrooms or my new office, today the slab is being laid and I no longer have to worry about the rain (well, on one side of the house anyway). The last few times it pissed down in Johannesburg, water seeped through my kitchen roof and came out of my light switches. I didn't sleep a wink.

This is one side of Tayla-Jean's new bedroom that is being expanded:

When the bedroom is finished and my older daughter moves into it, she has already insisted the carpet and door be pink. Anyone know where I can get a decent round pink carpet? Yes, she insists it be a round one. She's become quite the madam lately.

Here she is with the rest of the family. I'm the weirdo with that stupid piece of fluff growing on my lip for Movember.

Speaking of mens health, tomorrow is D-Day! I don't think i've ever worn a speedo in my life (I'm more of a "baggies" kinda guy), but tomorrow I put on the marble bag... the banana hammock... to raise awareness of testicular cancer when I do the Daredevil Run through peak (or is it "peek") hour traffic. I'll be chatting about the race on e-TV's Sunrise tomorrow morning (I think at about 7.15am).

I also have SABC3's Espresso coming to my house next Monday to chat about Movember. If you're a guy and you haven't signed up yet, simply go to

So here's to a month of us guys looking like idiots for a very worthy cause.
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I guess I do have ball(s) after all.

It was my wife who was driving along Sandton Drive yesterday morning and spotted the embarrassing typo.

How does this happen? Surely a good few eyes had to look at the sign while it was being made, from the factory to the delivery, to the installation. How on this green earth of ours can Johannesburg be called a "World Class African City" when we can't even correctly spell one of the most well known and well used streets in Sandton? Now, it will be yours and my tax money required to fix it. Let's see if they do. I have sent a photo of it to Vincent Earp, Sandton's DA councillor, who within an hour of the email followed up with the guys to correct it.

Anyway, moving right along. It's Movember Day 4. The moustache is taking shape and I'm starting to look like a dork. Yesterday the Sunday paper City Press had my wife and I on their magazine cover. Here's Nicole with a moustache (she's Greek, so it could be real):

I've started a Movember team called "The Gonads".  Anyone can join it. It would be great to have a few hundred team mates by the end of the campaign. Here is the link: HTTP://MOTEAM.CO/THE-GONADS.

Onto another charity drive, this Friday I'll be doing the DareDevil Speedo Run to help promote mens health. The 4.5km race through the middle of Sandton involves a couple of hundred guys running in nothing but a speedo and sneakers. That, combined with a moustache, is going to be a sight for sore eyes!

Oi. What we do for worthy causes :).
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Are those boobs in my coffee cup?

When you order a cappuccino these days it always comes with an interesting swirl in the foam. Some are shaped like leaves, other are faces or even a company logo. I haven't quite figured out how they do it, but it's always a pleasant surprise when you get a pattern you've never seen before. I was a little surprised at this one though that I got from Vovo Telo in Sandton yesterday ... are those actual boobs in my coffee?

Speaking of Sandton. If you go to Morningside Shopping Centre you'll see a huge display of school art. Coming from a guy that can only draw stick men, I was mesmerised by the talent of some young kids. This one blew me away. It's John Lennon made up of lots of little bits of paper... done by a Grade 5 learner at King David!

Onto something completely different. From tomorrow a lot of guys will not be getting nookie for a month, as they grow moustaches for Movember! We all look like absolute dorks, but it's all for a good cause, raising awareness around mens health and also raising funds for the Movember Foundation and CANSA.

Last year I was the MoMo, the individual that raised the most amount of money in South Africa, with my final tally just over a quarter of a million rand. I've been asked if I will try and beat it this year. I'm going to try and raise as much as I can, but my focus this year is on spreading the awareness of Movember and encouraging other guys to take part.

You can visit my Mo page here:

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