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The weekend that was

It's been an intense few days reflecting the mood of the nation on air as the world still mourns the loss of Madiba.

Most of us are conflicted between the celebration of his legacy and the sadness of his passing. To reflect both emotions while doing a radio show has been extremely challenging and by the time I got off air on Saturday afternoon I was exhausted. My family and I took time out and went to Mushroom Park in Sandton to just chill. It's like Central Park in that there are high-rises all around us, but you get to enjoy the green belt.

About 300 metres away is a frenzy of activity at Nelson Mandela Square as hundreds of people lay flowers in the square, and international television networks set up broadcast platforms from where they'll be anchoring shows over the next few days. The last time we saw them all here was for the Soccer World Cup. My favourite television show, NBC Nightly News has also began anchoring their evening broadcast to the States from here. I podcast the show every morning when I wake up. Great to have Lester Holt and the rest of Brain William's team here. Pity about the circumstances.

Whilst the world's focus is on South Africa, Tayla-Jean is too young to grasp any of it, and her main focus is on the progress of her "new" bedroom (which used to be her sister's room until we doubled it in size over the past 3 months). It's almost complete and I'm just so happy it no longer rains INSIDE my house!

My new home office is also taking shape:

Just got to lay down the floor and then I'm ready to move in and give the dining room back to the family!

We actually all gathered in my sister-in-law's dining room and lounge yesterday for an early Christmas yesterday (Stephany is about to have a baby and probably won't be feeling too "christmassy" on 25 December!). Here are my girls and their cousin getting some presses:

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