I'm about to have my most expensive haircut ever

I'm one of those gym bunnies that likes shaving. Yep, it's a vanity thing. If I'm paying a trainer and throwing weights around, I definitely don't want any results hidden behind a fur coat of man hair. It would seem though that my body is one up on me this past week and has thrown me a curveball.

Ever had an ingrown hair living underneath a scar? The result so far...  R1000 in doctors bills as I gulp down antibiotics so large you would swear they should be suppositories. A raging fever (as I write this I'm sitting at 39.7 degrees). Not to mention the inability to walk properly as the infection is right on my waistline and every time I bend it's like a hot dagger piercing my abdomen.

Today is D-Day. It's me versus the rogue hair (how ironic considering I'm the guy known for no hair). Well actually I will win the war, but technically i'm not fighting it. The reason being, in just a few hours I have to go into surgery under general anaesthetic to remove this strand of man hair that is nesting so deep in my abdomen it might be better for the surgeon to pull it out via my arse.

Goodbye world as I go for a chemically induced snooze for a couple of minutes. One last thing before I go. Is this hospital gown supposed to have the opening in the front or back?

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