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A heart to heart about my Vespa

September was Heart Awareness month in South Africa and I made a guest appearance on SABC3's live afternoon show to chat about the importance of looking after your heart and also my personal experience with a heart attack. If you missed it, the clip has been uploaded to YouTube:

In other news, I have become South Africa's first long-term ambassador of Vespa.


I've been riding bikes for over 30 years, and for the last 6 years it's been on a Vespa GTS300. Long gone are the days of them being little scooters that would meander down the country lane. The chassis are larger, they are a LOT more powerful and they even have ABS brakes. Sure, a Vespa costs a LOT more than an average scooter, but you get what you pay for.... the rolls royce of scooters that just keep on going (unlike the cheap Chinese imports where it's better to throw them away after a few years rather than try and repair them as they fall apart).

In fact, people have already thought I've been their ambassador for years. No. I simply believe in praising brands and products that work well.

Not only is my Vespa great during Sandton rush hour traffic, but I can also carry 5 full Woolies shopping bags with me (in the top box, under the seat and also using the grocery hook next to the cubby hole).

Now, in 2015 we have formalised the synergy and I am excited to have Vespa SA as part sponsor The Mark Pilgrim Show on Hot919fm every Saturday!

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The real soap opera!

Even though I have spent many years in front of the camera, yesterday was one of those days when I left my comfort zone ... and played myself in South Africa's biggest TV soapie, Isidingo!

It was so thrilling being on set, and even more enthralling was being able to have a scene with the biggest villain on the box, "Barker Haines"! In life, the actor Robert Whitehead was a true gentleman and made me feel at ease. Thank you!! Here is Robert and I rehearsing our scene outside the studio:


Last minute touch ups before we recorded the scene:

And it's ACTION!

The episode I'm on is on television tonight! I am such a bad actor so it should be a good laugh. But there is a serious side as to why I made a guest appearance. As a Heart and Stroke Foundation of SA ambassador, we wove the "Have Heart" campaign into the Isidingo storyline.

'Have Heart' is officially launching today, and is an initiative to get our kids living healthier. Diabetes and heart disease is now rife amongst our young children and we HAVE to start getting them to eat more healthy and exercise more. We have to give them every chance of a full life. You can read more about the initiative here:

Thanks again to the Isidingo team... and thanks for my gift hamper too! :)


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My heart and Rihanna

Last night, all the major news networks in the States were chatting about George W. Bush who just underwent heart surgery and had a stent placed in an artery as a result of heart disease. He's an incredibly fit and active man, so it once again highlights that regardless of whether you're healthy or not, young or old, if it happened to him and it happened to me... it could happen to you.

Last Friday, Doctors Orders on SABC3 featured my story in their programme:

So it really is all about popping off to your doctor once a year for a checkup. Bush was lucky in that they picked it up before he had a heart attack. I was not so lucky, and as a result I have heart damage.

Onto lighter news. Did she lip sync at her concert on Sunday night?  I didn't go (i'd rather shoot myself in the foot), but according to a lot of people on twitter, Rihanna didn't sing much. Whereas some people aren't phased by that, I would be incredibly pissed off if I paid for a ticket and she wasn't really singing. I know there's hectic dance routines and she might get out of breath, but that's all part of performing live.

Based on this photo taken in Cape Town yesterday, even the penguin has read what some people were saying on twitter.

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