When last did you ride the Harties cable cars?

Ever sit at home wondering what to do with the kids and you can't seem to think of one thing that doesn't involve a shopping centre or Papachino's restaurant?

Nicole and I woke up on Sunday morning and decided we wanted to do something a little different with the girls. Fortunately we were already out of Johannesburg and staying at our weekend place alongside Hartbeespoort Dam (40 minutes north of Johannesburg) and decided to hop in the car with the girls and take a 20 minute drive to the other side of the dam where the Harties Cableway cars take people a few hundred meters up to the top of the mountain range.

We hadn't been there in years and weren't sure of their condition, and also what the queues would be like (Harties is a Sunday destination for Jo'burgers and by lunch time it's extremely busy with people just wanting to get out the city for a few hours).

When we arrived at about 10am there were only about 15 cars in the carpark. Visitors must have already all been at the top of the ridge because on the bottom level we were the only ones around and got into a cable car straight away. The cashier said it gets much busier in the afternoon (so 10am on a Sunday seems like a good time to go!).

What blew me away was how immaculate and pristine it all was. I can only imagine it's a privately run enterprise because the gardens were immaculate and the cable cars spotlessly clean (and looked very modern).

edge, Harties Cable Cars

Cable cars departed every 2 to 3 minutes. They can accommodate 6 people and it takes about 6 minutes to reach the summit.


My girls laughed at me on the ascent because I became a bit of a pansy. I'm terrified of heights and gripped the cable car railings as if I was in a Boeing 747 that was plummeting to earth at 800km/h. In-between tightly closing my eyes, there were brief moments I glanced through my slits and saw the most breathtaking view.


On reaching the summit, the view was even more breathtaking:


There's a restaurant at the top and families were chilling on the benches and grass.




There's even a little walkway so you can go for a meander:


I often use little benchmarks to evaluate situations. When I'm at a restaurant I always look at their price of a bottle of Rupert & Rothschild Classique (over R320 and you know it's a pricy restaurant). When it comes to sightseeing venues I look at the condition of the public restrooms. I can't show you a photo because I didn't want to look like a perv taking pics while guys were standing at urinals, but take my word for it, the restrooms were so clean you almost wanted to sit on the loo just because it would otherwise be a missed opportunity.  

Tickets cost R195 per adult and R105 for kids aged 4-14. It's well worth a trip on a Sunday morning. You can check out more on their site

Note: This is not a sponsored blog post. 
In today's times when we're so quick to moan about things, Mark just likes sharing his great experiences.

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