Joburg hail storms are hectic!

Johannesburg is known for many things... and one of them is thunderstorms. A lot of them are a bit noisy but mostly benign.

Every once in a while though, you get a mother of storm with hail the size of tennis balls. And that's what hit the Western side of Johannesburg last Saturday. It was so heavy that a shopping centre roof collapsed in Krugersdorp.

In Hartebeespoort the storm showed no mercy either. The lightning struck the Cable Car Bar and it went up in flames. And at Pecanwood Golf Estate houses got pummelled by the hail and rain. One estimate is that almost 400 houses had some kind of damage. Our house got off lightly, landing up with only 6 broken windows:


Some of our neighbours got it worse. Some slabs couldn't handle the rain pressure and water came pouring through light fittings and switches. Some streets in the estate simply had nowhere to drain the deluge of rain water:


My neighbours pool landed up with some of the muck in it too:


A big shout out to Discovery Insurance who sorted out my broken windows expeditiously. A few minutes on the phone to them yesterday morning and by lunch time today all my windows were replaced.

Here's to lots more rain falling in the weeks to come. Let's just hope it's not destructive though.

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