So what is it about Frozen?

Tayla-Jean has over 200 animated movies on her Apple TV, yet there's only one she currently wants to watch over and over again...

In fact, even 2 year old Alyssa has started saying she wants to watch it too (I think more though because she does everything her bigger sister does). If I was Mickey Mouse I'd feel a little rejected and even slightly pissed off at the moment.

So Tayla-Jean's room is undergoing a bit of a metamorphosis. From everything being pink, from the carpets to the pictures and pillows... it is now all turning ice blue! And heaven forbid you call my daughter Arna. It has to be Elsa. Nicole, who I must admit is quite creative, even painted an Elsa canvas. The bed now has a net over it which represents ice and even has snowflakes dangling from it.

When the craze ends, there's going to be a lot of parents mumbling under their breath, asking what the hell they're going got do with all the blue stuff!

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