What your DNA says about your health

Have you ever had your DNA analysed for your health? I'm not talking about the ancestral analysis people are doing to see if they are part Cherokee American Indian, but rather your individual DNA make-up that predisposes you to certain health conditions?

Maybe you're asking why you would want to do such a DNA test? I did it about 2 months ago and let me tell you the results are fascinating. It starts off with a quick swab in the mouth using an ear bud to get the DNA needed (and you were worried they would be taking blood from your eyeballs). 

DNAlysis Biotechnology has fast-become known as one of the leading genetic testing laboratories in in the world with a wide range of DNA tests available in the nutrigenomic and pharmacogenomic spheres (I copied that from their website... I can't pronounce those words let alone know what they mean) and they are based in Johannesburg (Illovo). 

In my layman's explanation of how it all works: we are all individually hardwired a certain way, in other words, predisposed to certain conditions, but your lifestyle and diet and can give the genes a helping hand if you know what genes need the help. That's where DNAlysis can make a difference.
DNAlysisThey process the DNA in their own state of the art laboratory in Illovo and give you the results a few weeks later. The costs are a few grand, depending on what aspects you want analysed. These are your options:
I had the reports done for:

There was over 40 pages of results and fortunately they have a trained professional that can help break down the data and give you information that you can action on. Without going into all the details about my specific results, here's some of the valuable information linked to my DNA:
  • I don't have fat genes, which means I'm not naturally prone to putting on weight. If I do... I'm stuffing my face with too much food
  • Carbs are not my friend. I should try steer clear of too many.
  • I have a propensity for soft tissue injury, so I need to warm up and stretch more at gym (I once tore my calf muscle by playing squash without warming up. I spent 3 weeks on crutches)
  • I have a high risk for nicotine addiction. Thank heavens I've never smoked as I might struggle to quit.
  • I have a low risk for Alzheimers
  • I'm prone to inflammation when injured, but my body doesn't always know when to switch off the healing process. Consuming Omega 3 oils can assist this gene
  • I have poor methylation (which has to do with the way your body fights free radicals, which could make me more prone to cancer... I had stage 3 cancer as a teenager). Apparently something as simple as consuming Brazil nuts daily (they contain an enzyme called selenium) which can assist this gene.
So, do you NEED to do this analysis? Not at all. But knowledge is power, and having DNAlysis test your DNA could definitely give you a nudge in the right direction!

Check out their website:

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