My naive plea to those who squander my money

We've all been glued to our television screens over the past week following the manhunt of the 2 terrorists in Boston. What struck me as awe-inspiring was Boston's response to the police department when they captured Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The entire city literally came out into the streets and applauded the police force.

It got me thinking, how great it would be to feel the same sense of pride for our police force in South Africa. Let me say that I believe that there are MANY individual members of the force who do amazing work and I will always have respect for someone willing to put his life on the line to protect mine... at a salary which should be a lot higher.

But there are others who I have personally encountered who can hardly communicate in English (a job requirement) and seem to have either no knowledge of the law, or simply don't have the apptitude to enforce it. These are the people that taint the SAPS and give the good guys a bad name.

I don't just want to be proud of pockets of policemen who do outstanding jobs, I want us to be proud of the organization as a whole. I want what we all want: a safer country in which to raise our kids.

Who is to blame? No, it's not the cop who isn't qualified. It's the same people who continue to squander taxpayers money every single year. That is money that could be used to better train new members of the the SAPS and also better pay them. It infuriates me that my hard earned money (and yours) is being pissed away by self righteous government officials who don't hold themselves accountable to to the people they are supposed to serve.

I once heard someone on 702 say (and I apologise for not being able to remember who it was), imagine if local councillors never got a salary, but instead had to knock door to door within their constituency and ask if the person believes they've done a good job. If the answer is yes they get paid, if the answer is no they walk away empty handed.

One can only dream that in the next general elections, people vote with their heads and not be indoctrinated by propaganda and empty promises.

By the way, happy Earth Day today!
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