Are those boobs in my coffee cup?

When you order a cappuccino these days it always comes with an interesting swirl in the foam. Some are shaped like leaves, other are faces or even a company logo. I haven't quite figured out how they do it, but it's always a pleasant surprise when you get a pattern you've never seen before. I was a little surprised at this one though that I got from Vovo Telo in Sandton yesterday ... are those actual boobs in my coffee?

Speaking of Sandton. If you go to Morningside Shopping Centre you'll see a huge display of school art. Coming from a guy that can only draw stick men, I was mesmerised by the talent of some young kids. This one blew me away. It's John Lennon made up of lots of little bits of paper... done by a Grade 5 learner at King David!

Onto something completely different. From tomorrow a lot of guys will not be getting nookie for a month, as they grow moustaches for Movember! We all look like absolute dorks, but it's all for a good cause, raising awareness around mens health and also raising funds for the Movember Foundation and CANSA.

Last year I was the MoMo, the individual that raised the most amount of money in South Africa, with my final tally just over a quarter of a million rand. I've been asked if I will try and beat it this year. I'm going to try and raise as much as I can, but my focus this year is on spreading the awareness of Movember and encouraging other guys to take part.

You can visit my Mo page here:

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The chaos at home.

So the building renovations are in full swing and m new home office is taking shape. But anyone that's done renovations will know, it's pandemonium at home with guys, tools and dust all over the place!

Not only are we gutting and renovating two rooms, we're also repainting the skirtings and doors in all the other rooms of the house...

The heavy downpour in Johannesburg last night didn't help things too much either when water started coming out of my light switch downstairs in the kitchen!

I keep saying to myself that it'll be worth it in the end.

To drown out the banging noises my daughter has taken up singing. She always sees me in front of my microphone at home doing voice overs and asked me last week for her own one!

Idols out for Tayla-Jean Pilgrim!
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There's some babies that need your help

If you're a parent I'm sure you'll agree that nothing is more precious and fragile than a little baby.

Sadly, there are many that will grow up without the same privileges that your child or mine will have, even down to clothing that fits them snugly and comfortably.

That's why over the weekend Nicole got tucked into our kids cupboards and spent an entire day putting together piles of clothes for The Grace Factory.

They're an organization that collects clothes for babies that are desperately in need, and distribute to various placed of shelter. They are desperately in need of more clothing as well as formula and nappies, so if you have anything lying around in your cupboard (and you are in the Vaal/Gauteng area), PLEASE drop them an email. Their website is:

Speaking of babies, we are off to the specialist again today to find out if Tayla-Jean's tonsils need to come out. After her being so sick so many times, I think it's time for them to go.  She won't be happy to see the doctor today... I'm bracing for drama! :)

In other news, My chart show, the Kia Take40sa has been nominated for a 2013 Radio Award in the category of Best Commercial Music Show. It took the title last year, so here's hoping for 2 in a row! The awards take place on 13 April.

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My girls and more.

This morning is a quick update on the girls. Tayla-Jean is LOVING her new jungle gym. It was worth sacrificing some garden space for the contraption (besides, the only real lawn I have left now I can cut with a pair of scissors).

Only thing is she's had a high temperature since yesterday so it's off to the Doctor this morning. I've learnt over the years with kids, a fever is the symptom of another problem. It's the body's way of saying something is wrong. She probably has tonsilitis or something similar.

Also Alyssa is now loving the fact that the two long things called legs actually let her stand up and be taller...
I'm glad the house is kid proofed as she's loving the plug switches at the moment. She's crawling around with the speed of a crab doing the 100m dash to the water's edge.

Onto some hair raising news. Last night I received a Movember certificate for the R260 000 raised in November last year. Good to see Garron (the SA organiser) lives his brand by having a moustache even when it's NOT Movember!

And staying with charity drives, the poster campaign for this year's CANSA Shavathon has been published. It's well known SA comedian Marc Lottering and myself going head to head!

 Hope to see you with colour sprayed hair or a shaved head next weekend!
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I met Miss SA in my slippers

I'm an ambassador for a couple of charitable organisations, all of which are close to my heart as they are linked to either children, cancer or heart disease.

Reach for a Dream is a fantastic organisation. They put smiles on the faces of children that have life threatening illnesses, and when that child smiles, for a brief moment, they forget about the disease they're afflicted with.

The latest fundraising initiative is the Slipper Campaign. You'll hear more about it in the weeks to come, but the publicity around it involved myself and some other well known faces donning some slippers yesterday for a photo shoot!

I should have brought the slippers home... my chihuahua would have thought he had some new friends.

I had a good chat with Marc Lottering who always makes me laugh... he's a funny dude. I also caught up with Lloyd Cele who told me he's on a strict eating regime and has just lost 16 kilos. Good for you lad.

From there it was off to another campaign shoot. Some well known South African actors and presenters have got together to shoot a "Stop Rape" TV ad, which hopefully the networks will flight when it's complete in a few weeks time. Yesterday afternoon I did my bit to camera. Let's hope it can make an impact and make a difference.
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