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Poo, fish and other bits

So why does my daughter feel the need to poo in the bath EVERY single night? She's like Pavlov's dog hearing the bell ring, every time Alyssa gets in the water, she drops a parcel. I'm not going to go into any graphic detail, suffice to say that even with a rubber glove, it's still one hell of a mess to have to clean up!

It takes me back to the classic scene in Caddyshack:

At least in Caddyshack they disinfected the pool. At Zimbali Resort a year ago, they just scooped one out the pool with the net and it was business as usual.

Getting back to our log situation at home, I've now banned my 1 year old from having a bath and she can only have showers. Having to disinfect our bath every day is not something I enjoy doing.

Onto things that are more sanitary, it's great to be on television again, this time doing a commercial for Cell C. Just in case you haven't seen it, here it is:

I'm changing topics every few lines, but I guess that's what happens when you haven't written a blog in a few days and you're trying to cram it all in. My 2 week gym diet is going well. I've dropped 2.5kg in 4 days. It's a little tough eating a kilo of hake a day, but the body fat percentage has definitely dropped. I've had people moaning on twitter saying my eating plan is not sustainable. I know, that's why it's called the "2 WEEK pre-competition ripping program". Besides, if you're not very active at gym I definitely wouldn't recommend it. Some say eating fish every day is not healthy (by the way, hake is low in mercury). Well, eating junk food every day is unhealthy too. The hardest part about these 2 weeks (and I'm only 5 days into it), is not having wine.

Anyway, that's my quick rambling. I'm off to sign some documents today which will branch my career into a new direction. I'm very excited to tell you about it on Monday!

Happy weekend... and happy Valentine's Day!

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