If you're fighting the disease, I want to tell you something...

Having cancer at 18 years old changed my life forever.

There were times I was strong and was determined to beat the disease that had riddled my testes, lungs and kidneys. And there were also days I sighed in submission and felt defeated.

As we acknowledge World Cancer Day today, this is really just a small message to those that are fighting the disease and feeling a little overwhelmed right now.

I know friends and family want you to be strong all the time. It's simply because they love you. But you don't have to be full of bravado all the time. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed right now, it's okay to have a moment of weakness and have a cry. You can't keep it inside you, you'll explode.

I found that by letting the emotion out, and letting others know not to be afraid if you shed a tear, because it doesn't mean you're giving up the fight, you come out of it stronger, more resilient, more determined than ever to beat the disease.

It's like being on a diet and having a cheat day on a Sunday. It's an island of weakness in an ocean of strength.

It was that determination that enabled me to beat the disease 27 years ago. And should it return, it will be that same determination that will enable me to beat it again.

If you are fighting the battle right now, I wish you determination. I wish you strength. 

For you. And those who love you.


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Shavathon 2014

This past weekend was as about the Shavathon and what a turn out it was! I was at East Rand Mall and Cresta Shopping Centre and both venues were jam packed with people showing their support! it was amazing to see how many young girls were willing to cut their pony tails off to show their solidarity:

KIA Motors SA also made a huge donation to the Shavathon. During a live call on the show,  MD Ray Levine pledged R100 000 towards the cause. We look forward to seeing how much money has been raised in total. On behalf of the Cancer Association of South Africa, thanks to everyone that took part!!

We had lots of fun doing the show as well, because not only did I do it from 2 shopping centres, but we also broadcast about 40 minutes of the show live from my Kia Sorento!

On air it always sounds like I'm the only one doing the show, but behinds the scenes we had about 12 people working hard to make sure the show went off smoothly. Here's 5 of us in my car!

I can't wait for Shavathon 2015!
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It's Shavathon weekend!!

This weekend is a big one ... t's the annual CANSA Shavathon 2014!

Being a cancer survivor, the Shavathon means a lot to me. It's a show of strength and compassion for those that have the disease. It's a celebration with those that have overcome it. It's also a tribute to those that passed away from cancer.

From a broadcast point of view it'll be a fascinating one! I'll be starting the KIA Take40sa live from East Rand Mall on Saturday morning at 10am. At about 11.30am my crew and I then get into my Sorento and continue broadcasting from the backseat of the SUV as we make our way to Cresta Shopping Centre, where we'll continue doing the show until 2pm!

I'll also have the KFM Ground Patrol Team at Canal Walk and Tygervalley. My aim is to create the awareness around Shavathon, and even if you can't get to a shopping centre we're involved with, We want you to go to your nearest participating centre and take part!
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JHB storms and rainbows in our hair

Last week I was with someone in Cape Town who had it on their bucket list to visit Johannesburg to experience mother nature unleashing her wrath on the city.

Our thunderstorms are truly remarkable. The downside is the amount of damage caused by instant flooding and hail. These were some of the tennis balls that smashed car windows last week:

One of the beauties though, is that just when you think there's no end in sight and Noah's boat would have come in handy just about now... the storm disappears just as quickly as it arrived. The sun shines and the rainbows emerge. Here's Nicole and Tayla-Jean looking for that elusive pot of gold yesterday:

Onto rainbows in peoples hair. Marc Lottering and myself are once again the poster guys for the next Shavathon (happening in March next year). Here's one of the posters in production, where we have swapped hairstyles. I love it!

Finally, just a quick update on a previous blog where Sandton City is suddenly seeming to be prejudiced against motorcyclists and wanting us to be charged full parking price even though we park in the nooks and crannies so cars can still park in bays. Their communications manager emailed last night to say they are still finalising their official reply to my blog. We wait with baited breath. (blog here:
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