How much is that doggy in the window?

The weekend started with me saying "f*ck the fish".  After 5 days of eating a strict hake and veg gym training diet (and losing 2.5kg), I had to take a break this weekend and eat normally. Now that the weekend is over I hit the final 5 days of fish again. I think I'm turning into a merman (is that the male equivalent of a mermaid?).

Nicole woke up on Sunday morning and decided that our beloved chihuahua, Charles, needs a buddy. If you follow the blog you'll remember his best buddy Eddie died suddenly of multiple organ failure a year and half ago and we got Charles another friend almost immediately, a chihuahua called Willie (so named by his previous lesbian owners...).

They never really bonded though and Willie's dad must have been Satan himself. This new chihuahua ate everything including my office wall. After 4 months of therapy (for the dog, not Nicole and I, even though we needed it), we eventually had to concede defeat and return him back to his original owners.

Now, over a year later, we're ready to take on a puppy and have a "new child" in our home. I've always believed in rescue dogs if possible, but there are actually very few shelters open on a Sunday, including the SPCA. I know even volunteers need a day off, but would have thought it better to close on a Monday or Tuesday and actually have the doors open on a Sunday. That's the perfect time for a family to take their kids and see the animals needing a home.

One shelter that is open on Sundays is Ark Animal Centre in Chartwell, north of Johannesburg.

Whilst we didn't see any tiny dog pups there (they put them straight into foster care as they might get bullied by the bigger dogs), they're doing a great job looking after our furry friends and they say weekends are their busiest trade. Yesterday there was even a Dad who brought his daughters along to do something good and take some of the dogs for a walk.

Much respect to the team at Ark Animal Centre!

Alyssa didn't see any dogs. She was fast asleep in the pram when we got there. When she woke up though she decided she was peckish. My girls already know how to tap into dad's wallet. They wanted sushi for lunch:

And when it comes to my girls, they have dad wrapped around their fingers!

Have a great week ahead!
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